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Should This Cruise Line Pay For a 16-Day Cruise from Hell?

cruise ship living towards the deep ocean

Have you ever been on a cruise? They can often be fun and exciting with offshore excursions, great onboard activities and luxurious amenities. However, cruise lines are also becoming more well known for the disasters that happen aboard these ships. And if you think these events are just a few and far between, you may be shocked the next time you step on board.

How did a 16-Day Cruise from Hell Go So Wrong?

It was going to be a two-week cruise that took passengers from Miami to Los Angeles via the Panama Canal, but as passengers boarded the ship they encountered a curious announcement. There would be “a few” remodeling projects happening aboard the ship during their voyage, but the scale of these projects was allegedly understated.

According to one passenger, the cruise soon turned into “16 days of hell”. Construction projects were scattered all across the ship causing noise, spreading debris and smelling of chemicals. One passenger tells the tale of metal fragments getting into her child’s eyes and forcing them to see the ship doctor. Others expressed worries and they began to fear breathing in metal dust and chemical fumes. Others also told of areas where equipment and construction materials were left out in the open.

At the end of the voyage, many of these passengers demanded refunds and compensation for their travel expenses. Instead, they were offered a 25 percent discount off their next cruise. At this point, passengers began to consult attorneys.

Cruise lines are now becoming notorious for their methods of shirking responsibility for negligence and injuries aboard their ships. Many force passengers to sign liability waivers at the beginning of their cruise, while others try to utilize maritime law to complicate a situation past the point that it can be solved. Tricks like these are why it is important to consult an attorney who has dealt with cruise line cases before.

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