The following are examples of the kind of cases that our firm has handled with resolution in the millions of dollars (seven figures) and hundreds of thousands of dollars (six figures).

  • 25 year old machine operator got his hand caught on a conveyor belt. As he was trying to fix the machine, because it did not have a safety turn off valve, got his hand caught in the machine which took a good part of his hand off. Large medical bills, total disability. Result: seven figures

  • 29 year old man working for a newspaper on a calendar stack machine with in-rolling pinch rollers, walking on a catwalk, slipped and because of the absence of a guard, got his foot caught, resulting in an above-knee amputation of his left leg. Result: seven figures

  • 38 year old woman sitting in a bowling alley. Her chair collapsed without warning, causing her to fall to the floor. Chair found to be defective as the result of improper manufacturing welds. Plaintiff sustained multi-level lumbar disc herniations requiring several surgeries. Result: seven figures


  • Injuries
  • A 29 year old passenger in a van, was hit by a left turning 18-wheel truck, sustained brain damage, totally disabled. Result: seven figures

  • A 71 year old woman, who was driving home, was hit by a bus that ran a red light. Sustained serious back injuries, including a ruptured disc. Had prior back problems but needed surgery. Result: six figures

  • 45 year old man struck by a left turning automobile, fractured his left knee and left arm, requiring multiple surgeries. He was disabled for two years. Result: six figures


  • Wrongful Death
  • Opposing driver went over center line and hit client’s car head-on. Driver and two passengers were killed. We filed suit for wrongful death and personal injuries. Result: seven figures

  • Family of four – mother, father, and two children crossed street in front of school on “Back to School” night. Car struck 6 year old daughter, who was killed, and father, who was seriously injured. Our investigation determined that prior accidents had occurred at this intersection which constituted a defective road design and thus a dangerous condition of public property. Neighbors and school officials had asked on many occasions to have a signal installed to protect pedestrians. Wrongful death and personal injury lawsuit filed against county road department for dangerous public road condition. After we won an appeal against the county, the case settled one week before trial was scheduled to begin. Result: seven figures

  • Plaintiff’s wife, age 69, was waiting at a curb to a cross street; two cars crashed in the middle of the intersection and were propelled to the curb and killed her. Suit for wrongful death by her husband. Result: seven figures


  • Husband and wife were driving on Highway 395, when opposing driver crossed over center line, crashed into their car head on; caused death of her husband, serious injuries to her. Personal injury and uninsured motorist claims were made. Result: six figures


  • Injuries
  • 35 year old man was spotting the tractor of an 18-wheeler as it was backing up was crushed as a result of the negligent operation of the tractor by the truck driver. Client sustained serious crush injuries to a leg. Totally disabled. Trucking expert determined that the company failed to properly train its drivers. Result: seven figures

  • 30 year old male passenger in a van was struck by a left turning delivery driver. Large impact, causing passenger to strike his head on the back of the seat in front, causing brain hemorrhage and severe brain damage. Partial paralysis, alteration of speech, thinking abilities, permanently disabled from working. Result: seven figures

  • 39 year old woman driving her car, stopped at a stop sign at an intersection, intending to turn right, when an 18-wheeler ran over her car. Sustained serious low back injuries, underwent disc surgery, large medical bills. Disabled for three years. Result: six figures


  • 185 vehicle pile up on 710 freeway in dense morning fog with very limited sight distance. 18 wheeler traveling at excessive speed, changed lanes in front of 75 year old plaintiff and jackknifed, which caused plaintiff to strike trailer in the rear. Trailer was found by the California Highway Patrol to have defective brakes. Plaintiff sustained serious, debilitating injuries. Result: six figures


  • 82 year old woman with dementia was placed at a skilled nursing facility (formerly called convalescent hospitals) near Long Beach, California, after surgery. Nursing staff failed to respond to her when she rang the alarm for assistance. She slipped and fell in her bathroom, fracturing a hip. Result: six figures

  • 77 year old woman was a patient in a well-known hospital. Despite her agitation, medical providers failed to utilize any type of restraint. She fell out of bed and sustained a femoral fracture. In addition, during recovery she developed decubitus sores as the nursing staff failed to turn her every few hours. The claim was tried in arbitration as the client had signed an arbitration agreement. Result: six figures

  • Injuries
  • A 6 year old boy had meat lodged in his lung. Surgeon in a well known hospital performing a procedure called a “bronchoscopy” attempted to remove it. When it got stuck in the windpipe, the surgeon panicked and allowed it to remain there so long as to cause the boy to be deprived of oxygen. The child sustained major brain damage and became vegetative, needing 24 hour care. Result: seven figures

  • 50 year old man underwent surgery to remove his gall bladder. Anesthesiologist intubated his esophagus (food pipe) instead of his trachea (air pipe) by mistake and failed to recognize the signs that the oxygen tube was in the wrong place. The patient was deprived of oxygen for a long period of time, causing profound brain damage. He is now blind, unable to talk, is partially paralyzed, and totally disabled. Result: seven figures

  • 55 year old woman had an arthritic bone growth in her neck, which threatened her spinal cord. During neck surgery performed by an HMO neurosurgeon who had not performed many of these surgeries. As a result of his negligent surgical approach, the patient became a total quadriplegic, ventilator-dependent, and totally disabled. Result: seven figures


  • During childbirth, OB used a surgical suction device to deliver baby and fractured his skull, causing profound brain damage. Baby/child is developmentally disabled, cannot walk, and has sustained severe speech deficits. Result: seven figures


  • 29 year old bookkeeper initially suffered from severe flu-like symptoms, was referred to a gastroenterologist who failed to diagnose a very serious kidney disease – glomerulonephritis – which was rapidly progressing and causing loss of kidney function. At the time of resolution, she faced the loss of a kidney. Result: six figures


  • 45 year old clerical worker, slipped and fell at home and fractured her right lower leg. During the course of surgery to install a stabilizing rod, the operating orthopedic surgeon negligently performed a osteotomy and attempted intermediary rodding of her right tibia. We established that he used improper technique, which overheated the bone, causing necrosis of the bone. Result: six figures


  • Negligent psycho pharmacologic care and treatment of a paranoid schizophrenic 32 year old man, which caused him to have a schizophrenic episode while he was driving his vehicle on a city street at the speed of ninety miles an hour. He struck the rear of plaintiffs’ vehicle causing her to sustain a fractured neck and complete quadriplegia. Lawsuit against the psychiatric clinic and treating psychiatrist. Result: seven figures


  • Wrongful Death
  • 40 year old hospital nurse underwent surgery to remove gall bladder and after surgery, for pain, was put on a morphine pump. As a result of lack of monitoring nurses and misadjustment of the morphine pump, the patient overdosed and died. She was survived by husband and three children, whose wrongful death action was filed against the hospital that employed the nurses. Result: seven figures

  • A 58 year old president of a foreign bank came to Fountain Valley for open heart surgery. During the course of the surgery, the anesthesiologist intubated the food pipe instead of the windpipe, thus depriving the patient of oxygen. He died on the operating table, leaving adult children and a wife in the foreign county. A wrongful death case was brought. Result: seven figures

  • 50 year old man had a swelling in the left side of his neck, diagnosed as an infection of one of his neck glands. The ears, nose, and throat specialist doctor put him on antibiotics and failed to recognize that he needed a work up for more serious disease. At the end of ten months, it was discovered that the patient suffered from undiagnosed and progressing non-Hodgkin lymphoma, which went on to kill him as a result of his doctor’s negligence. His wife and adult children asserted a claim for wrongful death. Result: seven figures


  • 64 year old importer died on the operating table during the course of a negligent attempt to remove his spleen. Part of the negligence resulted from an inadequate surgical work-up of the patient, in addition to the failure to closely examine results of abnormal blood testing. Result: six figures


  • 44 year old woman underwent a total hysterectomy, which she and her husband paid for in cash. After five days she was improperly, prematurely discharged from the hospital while infected; she died four days later of a systemic infection. Surgeon and hospital were defendants. Result: seven figures


  • 43 year old, morbidly obese woman, underwent a bariatric surgery/lap band, which we alleged should have not been performed because of a cirrhotic liver. She suffered a massive hemorrhage three days post-surgery and died. Plaintiff’s 23 year old son sued for wrongful death. Result: six figures


  • 44 year old woman underwent a tonsillectomy and was a victim of negligent endotracheal intubation by an anesthesiologist and died on the table of oxygen deprivation. Result: six figures


  • 50 year old woman underwent neurosurgery to remove a portion of her pituitary gland because of a benign tumor. Surgeon negligently penetrated her brain mass, patient died on the operating table. Result: seven figures


  • 32 year old woman was walking in to entry to video store. We established the floor was wet and had not been swept, slipped and sustained an injury to her chest, ribs, and went on to develop reflex sympathetic dystrophy which is a major neurologic injury that is lifelong and disabling. Result: six figures

  • 60 year old lady coming out of a movie theater fell after walking over soapy water on a tile floor that had leaked from a floor cleaning machine. She sustained a fractured hip which had to be surgically repaired and may need total hip reconstruction. Failure of theater to maintain inspection and cleanse floors. Result: six figures

  • Plaintiff, a 39 year old woman was being provided a “complimentary” facial in a department store on an elevated platform, when she fell off the platform as a result of unsafe, lack of perimeter border. Sustained fractured hip and leg. Result: six figures


  • A 7 year old boy, playing with neighbor’s child in front of his home, was attacked by two German Shepherds that bit off his scalp. Many reconstruction surgeries required. Suffered extensive pain and suffering. Result: seven figures

  • Attractive 17 year old high school girl attacked by a Pit Bull that left a disfiguring scar on her lower leg, requiring several reconstruction surgeries and leaving permanent scarring. Result: six figures

  • Airplane of a major International air line took off from an Asian airport on a closed runway and collided with construction equipment causing it to crash and burn. One of it’s passengers’ 30 year old son/brother was killed. Wrongful death claim versus the airline and the airport. Result: seven figures

  • Pilot took client’s 23 year old daughter, among other passengers, up for a joy ride over the Santa Monica bay in his 6-passenger Cessna airplane. Pilot was not instrument rated, flew into clouds, became disoriented, crashed. Daughter killed, for which her parents asserted a wrongful death claim. Result: seven figures

  • Death of a 32 year old passenger on a DC 10 airplane of a major airline. Had just taken off from Chicago O’Hare Airport when a pylon holding the left engine onto the wing failed – causing the engine to fall off and plane to crash. All aboard died. Suit by wife against airlines and plane manufacturer for wrongful death, based upon negligence and products liability. Result: seven figures


  • Grocery Company Negligence/Personal
  • Grocery company cashier, while putting heavy 24 pack of water into a customer’s cart, struck the back of 72 year old plaintiff and caused a herniated lumbar disc, the incident was recorded by surveillance camera – required disc surgery. Result: six figures

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