Orange County Big Rig Accidents Lawyer

Orange County Big Rig Accidents Lawyer

An automobile of any size is simply no match for a massive 100,000-pound 18-wheel tractor trailer rolling along at full speed. Big rig accidents are usually cause for major serious injuries, sometimes even death. Virtually every collision with one of these behemoths is a major incident. In the aftermath of any big rig accident, it takes a practiced eye to sort out what actually happened. The law firm of Moss Hovden has the extensive resources to rapidly respond, and the experience to investigate and fully uncover the truth. If a family member was injured or killed in a tractor trailer crash, we urge you to contact us immediately. The sooner we can get to the scene, the better our chances of recovering your full compensation for the devastation. We handle big rig accidents throughout Orange County, Southern California.


Time is money in the trucking industry. To make more deliveries and cover more miles, some truck drivers push the limits. They speed and ignore federally mandated rest periods between shipments. This was the case when the driver of an 18-wheeler fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into another vehicle, causing fatal injuries to a 42-year-old husband and father. In the lawsuit for wrongful death, Moss Hovden proved that the trucker had pushed to stay awake for 30 hours and that he routinely lied when entering time in his logbooks. We also determined that his employer encouraged the practice, something common across the trucking industry. We obtained an eight-figure award for the injured victim.

See our notable verdicts and settlements for Orange County big rig accidents.


Commercial vehicles are insured for the catastrophic injuries common in trucking accidents, but the insurance companies are VERY aggressive in deflecting responsibility.

Moss Hovden uses highly professional accident reconstructionists who literally crawl over every inch of the wreckage and site to inspect for any and every clue and then determine exactly what happened in the crash. We have professional investigators at the ready to quickly interview witnesses, preserve vital evidence and obtain company records. This all helps to establish the negligence or other causes of the truck accident, including:

  • Aggressive driving (speeding, tailgating, changing lanes)
  • Driver fatigue, inattention or substance abuse
  • Mechanical/maintenance issues (faulty brakes, bald tires, etc.)
  • Unsecured or overweight freight
  • Negligent hiring and training


Orange County truck accident lawyer Del Hovden brings decades of strong experience to your service. Del Hovden is a hands-on attorney who works closely with the family of the victim to insure that immediate needs are met while he builds a secondary case for damages. We go the extra mile to ensure 18-wheeler accident victims are fully compensated for future medical care, lost future earnings and the personal pain and suffering from lasting disability.


Below are some cases that we have recently handled or are currently handling. These are not typical cases and results should not be expected. However, these examples are provided for our clients to understand more about the specific types of truck accident cases we handle.

  • An 18 wheeler on a Southern California freeway changed from the No. 2 to No. 3 lane, pushing the plaintiff off the freeway, down the embankment into a tree. Plaintiff was extricated from the with great difficulty from the automobile, suffering serious injuries. Result: case now pending.
  • A Bus made by Crown Coach Company claimed brakes failed, struck the rear of plaintiff’s automobile stopped for a red light. Manufacturing defect in braking mechanism. Result: six figures.
  • An 18 wheeler in the right lane at an intersection, without right turn blinkers, suddenly engages a right turn causing a bicyclist to strike the front of the truck trailer. Serious injuries. Result: six figures.
  • A massive 185 vehicle pile up on local freeway in dense morning fog with very limited sight distance. An 18 wheeler traveling at excessive speed for the conditions, changed lanes in front of 75-year-old plaintiff and jackknifed, which caused plaintiff to strike the trailer at the rear. Trailer was found by the California Highway Patrol to have defective brakes. Plaintiff sustained serious, debilitating injuries. Result: six figures


Let us help you deal with traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries or other personal injuries after a semi-truck crash or other trucking accident. Call our Orange County office at 877-959-6606 for a free consultation with a Orange County big rig accidents lawyer. We can make hospital and house calls, or arrange evening and weekend appointments.

There are no attorney fees unless we recover compensation for you.

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