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Nursing Home Abuse in California

The two sectors of society who tend to sustain the largest proportion of abuse are the young, the elderly and those with disabilities. Whether it is due to substandard living conditions, negligence, neglect, or malpractice, these groups suffer disproportionately to the rest of the population.

Residents of nursing homes, otherwise known as convalescent homes or “skilled nursing facilities, are especially vulnerable to abuse-related injuries. Common types of nursing home abuse in California facilities includes physical injury and emotional trauma,  but also some other surprising forms of abuse.

Most people are familiar with physical abuse in nursing homes that arise from instances of poor management and performance of facility staff members. Abuse manifests in horrible ways like bed sores (skin ulcers), chronic pain, falls from beds and wheelchairs, depression, and poor medication monitoring. Abuse can even result in catastrophic injuries or premature death. This type of mistreatment and neglect is in no way the norm for facilities in California, but should not be considered rare. They do happen and should be investigated by a legal team that can take the appropriate action to serve the families affected.

In regards to conditions in nursing homes that lead to various forms of abuse, one that is highly related to the present state of society is economic abuse. Yes, economic! Individuals who are bound to nursing home care are faced with the same choices as other people who deal with end-of-life concerns. One form of nursing home abuse in California that is on the rise, but often goes unnoticed, deals with this aspect of living.

Some people find it is acceptable to pressure nursing home residents to bequeath their wealth. In times of mental and psychological weakness, nursing home residents, whether a senior or a disabled resident, can be susceptible to making unfavorable decisions regarding bank accounts, pensions, disposable income, disability payments, and general savings. Imagine the resident or family who suddenly finds he has given away thousands of dollars or a house to a “friend” who has little real attachment to the senior or disabled adult. Manipulation and strong-arming is often seen by your writer. This is true if the pressure to make choices is constant, belligerent, or without a surviving family’s knowledge and involvement. The FBI reports that this is one of the top methods of scamming: go for the senior or disabled adult. This abuse can come from acquaintances, clubs, church groups, independent merchants, and fraudulent service providers. The telephone is a gateway into the senior or disabled adult’s home. One frequently exploited by scammers.

When extraordinary cases of financial nursing home abuse in California happens, it requires an expert legal office to work with relatives to uncover the details and pursue resolutions. No one in a nursing home should be subject to any form of abuse. This includes preying on the weak for financial gain. Experienced law firms like Moss Hovden understand the implications of these abuse cases, and how to explore the avenues for justice in the California legal system.

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