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Is Your New iPhone 8 Just Waiting to Explode?

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Last year was tough for Samsung, the Korean electronics company. It released its most technologically advanced smart device, the Galaxy Note 7, only to discover the product was seriously flawed. So, flawed in fact, it had to recall and kill every device it had shipped. Do you know what went wrong? And more importantly, could your new iPhone 8 be susceptible to similar problems?

Could the New iPhone 8 Blow Up Like the Galaxy Note 7?

When the Galaxy Note 7 released, consumers started to notice something odd about the device. The battery would regularly overheat and in some instances, this made the phone catch on fire. Vehicles were destroyed, houses sustained burn damage and some people even sustained severe injuries. This defect forced Samsung to not only recall the device, but it also forced cellular carriers to issue a software patch that disabled the phone’s ability to charge.

These measures helped to take a dangerous product off the market, and minimized the amount of legal lawsuits Samsung would have to face from injured parties. Other manufactures had a front row seat to learn from Samsung’s mistakes, yet still problems seem to be arising from other companies.

Apple recently released its latest smartphone, the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. It is most technologically advanced phone on the market, that is until the iPhone X is released November 3rd, but there is a problem. Reports say that the batteries in some iPhone 8’s are swelling, causing the phones to burst at the seams. Apple is investigating, but the fact that the battery is causing problems doesn’t sit well with some safety advocates.

You see, devices like the Galaxy Note 7 and the iPhone 8 use lithium-ion battery cells. These batteries are known for packing a lot of power into a tiny area, but that comes at a cost. These batteries can be very volatile under the right conditions, and if improperly manufactured, they can burst into flames. This is theorized to be the problem with the Note 7 as well as some hoverboards and eCig batteries.

Swelling of iPhone 8 batteries could be a warning flag that some of these units may not have been manufactured to proper safety standards. And if that is the case, people could get hurt. The product liability attorneys at Moss Hovden are keeping an eye on the situation, and we will post any updates on our blog as they become available.

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