Los Angeles Brain Injury Attorneys

Los Angeles Brain Injury Attorneys

As medical science uncovers more information about how the brain works, a growing list of legal implications emerges relating to brain injury. The brain and its auxiliary systems are truly the control center of the body. The slightest injury, however, can result in radical shifts in a person’s quality of life and ability to function normally.

Not only does the brain control physical function, but psychological and emotional functions as well. This is where Los Angeles brain injury attorneys become indispensable. Firms like Moss & Hovden are leading the legal world in using the latest research proving the potential seriousness and extent of even the slightest injuries to the brain. Their complete attention beyond the litigation status quo allows them to protect and serve their clients.

How Do Brain Injuries Differ From Other Bodily Injuries?

The primary concern of Los Angeles brain injury attorneys is educating clients about the risks of not addressing injuries to the brain fully. This means preparing cases that take into account present and future needs. Typical body harm from minor and serious accidents usually involve hospital and therapeutic care that relies on the body healing itself. When a person breaks their leg in an auto collision, or has a slip-and-fall incident at a grocery store, the main legal action is determining negligence, securing compensation for medical bills, and helping victims manage until their bodies heal.

When the brain is damaged, a cloak of mystery surrounds the true nature of the injury. A great deal of caution is required. This is where advances in the medical sciences become important. More and more evidence is suggesting that alterations to the brain because of an accident can manifest in immediate functional disabilities, or lasting cognitive and psychological problems. The nature of the latter is tough to address because real symptoms sometimes do not show up until years after an accident. Yet, science is making direct links between compromised nervous and cognitive health with a previous injury.

An attorney dedicated to helping injured people receive proper compensation, care, and justice always takes the future into consideration. It is now no longer sufficient to focus solely on the physical aspects of brain injuries. Comprehensive legal representation in these cases requires using the extent of the law to build a safety net against deeper problems that are likely to arise in the future.

Mole Hills, Or Mountains When It Comes To Brain Injury?

Imagine this scenario where experienced Los Angeles brain injury attorneys save a person’s quality of life. Someone is on the receiving end of a rear end fender-bender. Both police and a medical unit is called to the scene. There is very little damage to the vehicles involved, but the driver in front is diagnosed with a minor concussion and whiplash.

The driver is taken to a hospital, receives medication for pain and swelling, and is ordered to wear a medical collar for two weeks. A follow-up exam clears the patient of lasting physical injury. One year later, the person begins experiencing horrible bouts of depression and the inability to focus. These symptoms arise out of nowhere because the person has had no major shifts at home, or at work.

Medical science is proving that conditions like depression can be caused by electrical pathways in the brain at the cellular level having been damaged. It becomes more and more evident that the relatively insignificant fender-bender could have caused a hidden brain injury that led to the depression.

In the past, this type of scenario would result in the victim having no way to connect the past accident with the new personal difficulties. Greater understanding, however, now makes it absolutely possible. Los Angeles brain injury attorneys have the medical and scientific proof to make a mole hill of an accident, into a mountain of victim protection.

It is absolutely imperative that victims of serious and minor accidents enlist the advocacy of Los Angeles brain injury attorneys, such as Moss & Hovden, who know how brain injuries can truly affect life. Partnering with attorneys who are able to use every available tool to protect victims adequately resolves cases, and prepares people for an unpredictable future.

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