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Is NBC Responsible for the Wrongful Death of a Disabled Woman?

what happens when an elderly family member falls victim to injury or nursing home abuse?

Did you realize that property owners can be responsible for injuries that happen on their premises? This usually only happens if that property owner was negligent of a danger or should have known about it. Now, the City of Pasadena is in the crosshairs of a wrongful death lawsuit claiming a woman eventually lost her life due to conditions at a city-owned property. Even more unexpected, NBCUniversal may also be caught up in the case.

How Could NBC Be Responsible for the Wrongful Death of a Disabled Woman?

On March 26, 2017, the Pasadena Civic Auditorium was playing host to the Los Angeles County Science and Engineering Fair. People from across the community had volunteered to help at the fair. Among those volunteers was a disabled, elderly woman and her husband. Upon their arrival at the auditorium, the two tried to gain access to the venue only to find their way blocked.

The same weekend the auditorium was hosting the science fair, it was also hosting the hit show “America’s Got Talent”. Equipment and trailers for the show were scattered all over the auditorium grounds and were blocking almost all the accessibility ramps. There was only one ramp that had not been blocked, so the woman drove her motorized scooter to that access point. However, a large cable had been strung in front of this entrance, covered by a large power cord protector.

When the woman tried to maneuver her scooter over the cord, the front wheel caught, throwing the woman into the hard pavement. According to the lawsuit later filed by her husband, the woman suffered injuries to her head and arms, and her hip was broken. She was rushed to the hospital where she suffered a stroke the next day. She would later go on to endure eight surgeries before being put on life support on June 23rd. Two days later, she succumbed to her injuries.

This woman’s husband says that this tragedy was caused by the neglect of the City of Pasadena, which owns and operates the auditorium, but the city isn’t bearing all the blame. Marathon Productions, Inc.: Fremantle Productions North America, Inc.; and NBCUniversal are also mentioned in the lawsuit for obstructing the accessibility ramps to the auditorium. Unless the parties can reach a settlement, a jury could decide if the city and these production companies owe the family of this woman for their loss, pain and suffering.

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