Inadequate Security

Inadequate Security

When Security Has Failed.


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Trauma, injury and sometimes even death result from places and situations that are supposed to be safe, but are not.

Inadequate security incidents constitute a very specific form of premises liability claim. These incidents occur when an owner does not take adequate precautions to protect renters, guests and visitors from hazards on the owned property. When this negligent security results in an injury, trauma or even wrongful death, victims and their families can make a claim against the property owner. For example, a slip and fall on wet pavement resulting in serious back injury; someone is attacked in a parking garage that is poorly lit and not patrolled by security guards; or a tenant is harmed in a lobby with torn carpeting, faulty doors, loose handrails or other issue.

Inadequate security claims protect many people. They protect tenants from negligent landlords, workers from unsafe workplace conditions, visitors from poorly-maintained homes, delivery personnel from unsafe homes, and customers from negligent business owners. If a property is unsafe and you have been harmed because a property owner has not adequately safeguarded you from a property’s hazards, or fixed a unsafe element of the property, you may be entitled to help for any medical costs and other damages you have incurred as a result of your accident.

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Is the neighborhood safe? They should know and take steps to safeguard the property and those living and visiting there. Is the apartment building up to safety standards? Most inadequate security cases involve a crime or an accident that takes place on a property. The premise behind negligent security laws is that property owners should take steps to prevent crimes and incidents on their premises. In many cases, these claims highlight inadequate lighting, poor locks, and lack of adequate safety measures. In many cases, property owners have known of a threat – such as previous crime in the area or the probability of a crime – but have failed to hire adequate security or have failed to take other measures to protect visitors to the area.

Inadequate security cases highlight the fact that property owners are responsible for the conditions of their property and for maintaining their property to certain standards. If landlords and employers break certain codes or requirements that ensure safety, they could be held liable. If a property owner fails to fix an unsafe area of their property, they may be held responsible for any injuries that result. In many cases, victims of inadequate security are surprised to find that property owners knew about a hazard for some time and failed to fix the problem.

The law firm of Moss Hovden in the Los Angeles area excels at protecting your interests and convincing them to pay the maximum amount for your injuries.

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