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Honda Motor Company Recall for Defective Airbags

Honda Motor Company Recall for Defective Airbags

Do you drive a Honda or Acura? Many models are part of a Honda recall for defective airbags manufactured by the Japanese company Takata Corp. On January 11th, Honda Motor Company added an additional 750,000 vehicles to a previously announced recall due to the defective equipment. This brings the total of affected automobiles to 1.29 million.

The front passenger side airbags are deployed by using a small chemical explosion to propel and inflate the airbag. Sadly, as many as 16 people have perished due to flying metal shrapnel that is expelled into the passenger compartments upon impact. Approximately 180 more passengers have been injured due to this defect. To make matters worse, evidence showed that Takata attempted to cover up the severity of the problem.

According to, the US Department of Justice is hitting Takata with a one billion dollar penalty after they pled guilty to providing false data related to the defect. The DOJ also went after three Takata executives that are directly linked to the cover up. The guilty plea will make it difficult for Takata to defend itself in future lawsuits brought by shareholders or those affected by the faulty airbags.

That one billion dollar settlement includes $125 million specifically for consumers who were injured by the faulty airbags. Due to the amount of cars included in the settlement, it will take years to complete the recall replacements and process each injury case.

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