Practicing Personal Injury, Defective Products, Wrongful Death and, Trucking Accidents in Long Beach, Downey, Irvine and Beverly Hills

The trial attorneys of Moss Hovden possess over 70 years of combined experience in handling successful personal injury and wrongful death litigation. Their experience covers thousands of elder abuse, malpractice, and 18-wheeler truck accident cases. Serious automobile collision and slip-and-fall claims are our specialities. Thorough investigation and evaluation of claims along with finding compelling evidence and competent witnesses, we help you maximise your recovery.

Del Hovden commonly retains highly qualified engineers and authoritative scientists holding expertise in a wide range of disciplines, from exacting accident reconstruction to detailed elements of metallurgy. Likewise, assessment of damages requires examining the aspects of the client’s life that have been affected by his or her injuries, which may necessitate life care planning or other sophisticated strategies to explain the losses to a jury or an insurance carrier.


In addition to the care and support dearly needed and obtained for their clients, Southern California personal injury law firm, Moss Hovden has also obtained more than $100 million in compensation for victims of personal injury, medical negligence, defective products, and elder abuse.

Nothing can truly make things as they were for you, however, the pain and suffering you now face can be compensated. Our settlements and verdicts include multimillion-dollar recoveries for permanent, life-changing injuries and tragic, preventable deaths. Moss Hovden welcome most types of injury cases, some of which are discussed in our verdicts and settlements. Del Hovden has consistently achieved exceptional results for our clients.

Del Hovden handles difficult and complex cases. One key to his consistent positive results is that he excels at finding the right experts who convince juries and insurance companies to award the full, true value of a claim. Del does not settle for less and neither should you.


Our supportive and compassionate representation helps our clients get through the ordeal associated with substantial injuries. Many severe injuries are extremely traumatic. Lifelong and life effecting changes impact you and your family, possibly for the rest of your days. These setbacks and losses cause many victims to feel helpless, lost and depressed. We understand the very real effects of injuries and make a point of helping victims and their families get the assistance they need to get their lives back on track. Recovering from a severe injury takes more than just time; often it requires years of help from trained professionals.

Call us at 877-959-6606 for a free consultation, or contact us online. We can meet clients anytime, including after hours or during weekend appointments. We regularly make home and hospital visits for clients whose injuries prevent them from traveling to our offices.

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