Beverly Hills Injury Lawyers

Beverly Hills Injury Lawyers

When a person has been hurt because of a mistake or the carelessness of another person, of a business or of a government employee, he or she may have a claim for financial compensation. There are several different types of personal injury claims that can be brought under the law. We, at the law firm of Moss Hovden, believe that everyone should have a basic understanding of their rights if they have been injured due to the fault of another person or entity and what claims they may have. Here is a brief overview of some legally recognized personal injury claims.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Accidents involving cars, trucks, buses or motorcycles cause many injuries every day. Common sense tells us that if another driver caused an accident that hurts someone, there may be a personal injury claim. This is especially true, of course, if the accident is related to alcohol. However, there can be other causes of accidents that can be the basis for a personal injury claim. For example, improper design, construction or maintenance of roads or of traffic controls can lead to accidents. Defective design or manufacture of a vehicle may be the justification for a products liability claim. A claim may also be brought for improper maintenance of a vehicle.

If you’ve been hurt in a traffic accident, even if you were a pedestrian or a passenger in a vehicle operated by the driver at fault for the accident, you may have a claim. Finally, we want to make you aware that, even if the driver who caused the accident was not insured or had minimal insurance, we might be able to bring a claim on your behalf under the uninsured/underinsured motorist provisions of your own policy. Even if you haven’t been in an accident, it is advisable that you consult with one of our Beverly Hills injury lawyers to determine the extent of your uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage and whether you should increase that coverage.

Premises Liability

The owner or tenant of real estate can liable for an injury caused by a dangerous condition on the property. This is sometimes referred to as a slip and fall claim. A slip and fall claim can arise, for example, where an owner or tenant fails to clean up a liquid spill on the floor of a building. Neglect, failure to repair, improper design, poor lighting and weather conditions can also be causes for a premises liability claim.

Employment Injuries

When an employee has been hurt at work or becomes ill due to working conditions, he or she may have a workers’ compensation claim.

Medical Malpractice

Where a patient has been injured because of a doctor’s mistake, the patient may have a medical malpractice claim. Medical malpractice claims have been successfully brought based on errors during surgery, improper diagnosis, improper treatment and failure to warn of the risks of a medical procedure. Medical malpractice cases require special expertise, and if you believe you have been hurt by malpractice, you should see the qualified Beverly Hills injury lawyers at the Moss Hovden law firm about a possible claim.

Products Liability

A person hurt by a defective or dangerous product may possibly bring a claim against the manufacturer or seller of that product. These claims can arise from improper design, improper manufacture or inadequate warnings about the use of the product. Products liability applies to all things made or processed, including, among many other things, automobiles, automotive parts, tools, machinery, household appliances and furnishings, medicines and food. Our Beverly Hills injury lawyers at the Moss Hovden law firm will be able to determine whether you have such a products liability claim.

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Finally, all injury claims have time limits, called statutes of limitations. This means, basically, that if you fail to bring your claim within the specified time frame, it will be lost forever. If you think you may have a personal injury claim, you should immediately seek professional advice from one of the Beverly Hills injury lawyers at Moss Hovden to make sure that your claim is not barred by a statute of limitations. Even if you believe you may have waited too long, it is worth speaking to us about your claim. We will be happy to evaluate your case.

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