Beverly Hills Bicycle Accident Law Firm

Beverly Hills Bicycle Accident Law Firm

Bicycle accidents happen more often than you might think. Typically, the small bike accidents do not make the front pages or even the back pages of the newspaper. Rarely, does a news reporter cover a bicycle accident, unless it is fatal. Moss & Hovden is a Beverly Hills bicycle accident law firm that handles bicycle accident cases all the time. This is a common accident that happens to people that like to cycle out on the urban streets and even on country roads. Let’s face facts. The open roads are a dangerous place for the bicycle enthusiast. Some car drivers are very reckless. They do not pay attention to signs. They drive and text or talk on cell-phones. Beverly Hills bicycle accident lawyers are called in to handle the cases all the time.

The most common bicycle accident involves a car and the bicyclist. Check out this all too familiar scenario. The cyclist is on the road and a car comes out of the blue and strikes them down. Often, the driver is not even aware that they hit the cyclist. In some circumstances, the driver was aware that they hit the cyclist, but left the scene. What should you do, after getting hit by a driver? The first step is to make sure that your rights are fully protected under the law. This involves getting in contact with a Beverly Hills bicycle accident law firm to protect your rights and handle the case.

Report The Accident

The average bicyclist is badly shaken up and might not realize that they were injured. Some even leave the scene and return home, in a state of confusion. We advise you to stay at the scene of the accident until the police arrive. Report the accident, even if the driver fled the scene. However, it is also suggested that you do not try to engage in any negotiation with a driver that stayed on the accident scene. Of course, you could agree to exchange contact information. Give the police your version of the events, when they arrive. Let the police document the events in their police report. This documented police report is vital to your case.

Other Steps

It is also important to report the accident to your insurance company. Some bicyclists are more concerned about the damage to their bikes than their own body. Don’t let this happen to you. Go to the hospital, after the accident for a checkup and evaluation from a doctor. Seeking medical attention is a way to document that you were injured in the accident and vital information for your case. Don’t ignore this step. Afterwards, it is time to seek legal help by contacting our Beverly Hills bicycle accident law firm.

Personal Bicycle Injuries

There are thousands of personal injury attorneys in any given state. However, only a few are able to effectively handle a bicycle injury case. You require a Beverly Hills bicycle accident law firm that dedicates its time to working with people involved with bicycle injuries. Moss & Hovden is a California personal injury law firm that take on bicycle accident cases. The fact is that some personal injury lawyers do not take bicycle injury cases seriously. The law firm of Moss & Hoyden treat bicycle injury cases with the care and concern that they deserve. They have a deep understanding of the laws and rules that dramatically affect bicyclist and drivers involved in accidents on the road. They are experienced working with bicycle injury cases and work diligently to make sure that their client receives the justice that they deserve.

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