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Over 400,000 Fords Recalled for Fire and Door Safety Concerns: Do You Own Any Of Them?

Driving a car while it’s on fire and with the doors popping open can be spectacular, but not something anyone this side of a stunt driver would consider acceptable in their sedan. For this reason, Ford owners should know about its latest vehicle recall.

Ford has issued a double recall affecting more than 441,000 cars that they say might catch fire or which have a breakable door latch. While a breakable door latch is usually not too big a problem, a fire in the engine compartment surely is a big time problem.

In the first Ford recall, the company says that they carried investigations that showed an estimated 230,756 vehicles with a risk of causing a fire under-hood.

This Ford recall covers the following cars

• 2014 Ford Escape
• 2013 to 2015 Ford Transit Connect
• 2013 to 2014 Ford Fusion
• 2014 to 2015 Ford Fiesta ST

The lack of coolant circulation in the affected vehicles could easily cause an overheat of the engine that could result in a crack of the cylinder head. If this happens, a pressurized oil leak would likely develop. The oil would then come in contact with a hot surface of the engine, increasing the likelihood of fire in the compartment.

Ford has admitted to being aware of 29 cases of fire linked to the issue, both in the US and Canada. They were quick to add that no injuries have been reported.

A 2014 Ford Focus owner filed a report with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about a fire incident in November 2016.

“The car was parked in a parking lot, turned off and one hour and a half later I was told it was on fire,” writes the owner. “The fire started from under the hood.”

Another 2013 Ford Fiesta owner reported having had problems with jerking, shuddering, lunging, and issues with the gear shift before the car experienced overheating that caused a fire in the engine compartment.

Ford has said that they will mail the owners of affected vehicles information on the proper process to check and refill coolant. They claim that it is okay for customers to continue driving their cars but should consult their dealer at the slightest sign of overheating, a coolant leak or frequent need to add coolant.

When dealers receive service kits, they will be able to install coolant level sensors at no extra charge to customers.

In the second Ford recall, the company says that it is adding model year 2013 to 2014 Lincoln MKZ , model year 2013 to 2014 Fusion and 210,619 model year 2014 Fiesta vehicles to their campaign that aims at replacing door latches that could break.

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