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4 Tips All Motorcyclists Need to Know To Improve Their Motorcycle Safety

The first thing you need to remember is to always wear your helmet. Wearing your helmet may not be considered cool. It may not be considered fashionable. It will go a long way to help improve motorcycle safety on and off the road. Motorcycle safety should trump all the other concerns, including fashion. Use your head. Wear a helmet.

Do not buy more bike than you can handle. Many new riders get this idea in their head they need to impress the other motorcyclists. Impressing the others on the road should not be your primary concern.

The models with the smaller engines often times end up being more powerful than a motorcycle over 20 years old. Choose carefully. Think about the amount of horsepower you can handle. The bike should fit your properly and safely. New riders should consult with those who have been riding longer. Veteran motorcyclists tend to have more knowledge about these things.

Always invest in new bikes that have the anti-lock brake feature. You will be surprised how often you need the anti-lock brakes. What if someone stops abruptly ahead of you? You will need this feature to protect yourself. Test the brakes before you buy the bike. Do not invest in a bike that has faulty features.

You need to wear the right gear when riding. Some feel it is not fashionable. I have seen many riders out there wearing jeans and t-shirts. This may look cool, but it is not safe. Wearing the proper gear helps protect you from whatever is put in front of you.

Riders need to ride defensively and expect anything to happen. Some get into accidents. Some get thrown from their bikes. Wearing jeans and a t-shirt is not going to help you out in this situation.

Invest in the best leathers you can afford and wear them like your life depended on it. It just might. Most motorcyclists I know, and from my own experience, you will likely have an accident at one or multiple times in your biking life. Do the very best you can to protect yourself from contact with asphalt, concrete, fences and any object you can imagine on and off the road. Wearing less is just plain ignorant. You will not be planning an accident but can plan each ride.

Take a bike safety course and pay attention. I have been riding street and off road for over 40 years. I found the information helpful and has made me much more safety conscious. I bet it will help you too. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, contact Moss & Hovden for legal help.

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